Monday, August 8, 2011

Better Than a Cupcake

What could possibly be better than a cupcake? How about this!

Yes, that's my hand, and yes, that's an engagement ring! I'm not normally one to brag, or really announce things like an engagement to complete strangers, or really anyone for that matter. I like to keep personal stuff personal, but this is a story I'm happy to share. It's also my excuse for my lack of baking posts in the last couple weeks. Also, my boyfriend, make that fiance (I'm still not used to calling him that) is pretty proud of his proposal (as he should be) and doesn't mind me telling people about it because it usually results in him getting some serious props for his creativity. It rivals the stuff that romantic comedies are made of. Are you ready?

Roughly 2 weeks ago (July 26) I started a 13-day vacation. On that vacation I went to Florida without Bobby because he still had to work, to visit my parents and see their newly purchased home in St. Augustine. My plan was to stay with them until July 29 when I would then fly to Philadelphia to meet up with Bobby, and from there we would drive to Myrtle Beach, SC to spend a week there with most of his family. Yes, I realize flying from Jacksonville to Philadelphia, only to drive back to Myrtle Beach doesn't make a lot of sense, but flights to Myrtle Beach from Jacksonville are very expensive and I wanted to spend the drive with Bobby. You know, quality time.

On Thursday, July 28 my mom, brother (Cody) and myself were out shopping and my brother asked my mom if she was going to make us take a Christmas card picture while my brother and I were both in the same place at the same time. Despite that fact that my brother and I are both in our twenties, my mom still insists on using a picture of us for her Christmas cards, she takes one every year without fail. I was expecting that she would take one on this trip since Cody and I aren't often in the same place at the same time much anymore. So, when the subject was brought up, it seemed completely normal to me. In response to Cody's question my mom came up with the brilliant idea to take the picture at the lighthouse in St. Augustine. It's a landmark and tourist attraction for the area and she's never been and has wanted to see it. Cody and I did the appropriate amount of grumbling and agreed we'd do that and then go out to dinner.

We got back to the house and informed my dad of the events that would be taking place that evening, needless to say he was less than excited. A completely appropriate reaction for him. But, to please my mom, we all got ourselves dressed in clothes presentable enough for a Christmas card and made our way to the lighthouse.

It was a particularly hot and humid Florida day, I was in wedge sandals and pretty clothes and not particularly excited about climbing 219 steps to get to the top of this bad boy. I didn't want to be sweaty and gross by the time I got up there. These pictures were for Christmas cards that my mom would send to our family and friends. I wanted to look my best!

My dad, Cody and I climbed our way to the top... with a pit stop or 2 along the way.

Clearly my dad is loving it (this was before he started seriously sweating).

219 steps later we all finally made it to the top.

To be honest though, I wasn't all that interested in the view when I emerged on to the observation deck, I was interested in finding some shade because I myself was starting to sweat, and again, I wanted to look pretty for the Christmas card picture. Sweating isn't pretty. I proceeded to walk around the top of the observation deck to find some shade. Success! When I got to the other side I looked over to my right and saw a person. I did a quick double take and realized that person was Bobby.

Wasn't Bobby supposed to be in Philadelphia on his way to a Phillies game like he told me he was when he called me a little over an hour ago in what sounded like him driving in his car on the way to the game, when in reality he was driving to St. Augustine from the Jacksonville airport? Why yes, yes he was. It took me about 10 seconds to process what he was doing there and when I realized it I immediately started to cry (crying doesn't look good in Christmas card pictures either). I won't share the details of what he said, I'd like to keep that just for us, but I will divulge that he got down on one knee, asked me to marry him and gave me a beautiful engagement ring that he picked out all by himself. He gets props for that too.

Since the proposal many people have asked me if I had any idea it was going to happen. I can say that I had absolutely no clue, I was shocked. Meanwhile everyone else in my life pretty much knew it was going to happen. My mom, dad and brother were in on the whole thing. Bobby had been carefully planning it for weeks and his hard work paid off. He blew me away.

In a sign that we must truly be destined to be together, we even managed to wear matching outfits... aren't we precious? (I was also happy that I had decided to paint my nails before leaving for vacation). Yep, I'm a girl.

And, just in case you were worried. After the proposal my mom got a few good shots of me and my brother that just might be worthy of making this year's Christmas card.