Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And We're Off...

I've toyed back and forth with the idea of doing this for awhile not knowing what I should or shouldn't blog about. Yes, I almost always have an opinion on something and I almost always love to share it, but who would honestly care to hear it?

I'm starting this with no plan of where it could go or what it's really going to contain. My initial thought is a little bit of everything that makes up the days of my life (yes, that's my first Days of our Lives reference). I like to do a lot of different things, like bake, cook, garden, paint, sew, it's a long list and I'm constantly adding to it because I find it hard to sit and do nothing when I have free time. I always like having something to do, even though I don't always feel like doing it. This is going to be my forum for those things. A documentation of my "projects" if for nothing more than my own personal reference to have a running scroll of the things I accomplish, or don't, in my free time. My living to-do list. There's a likelihood that things from my real life may pop up as well because frankly when you live with your boyfriend and your dog, have the crazy parents that I do, combined with a good mix of friends... things happen that warrant a story to be told. While the story may be entertaining to no one other than myself, this is for me, and it's okay if I'm the only one who's laughing.

I have zero expectations for this, and don't anticipate that anyone will actually read it. Truthfully my goal is to simply keep it up and continue with it for longer than a week. It's another project added to my list because it's something that I've always wanted to try.